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The TSN Difference

  1. We are relentlessly focused on performance and execution

    • We drive a performance culture that rewards results…our success is your success

    • Numbers, numbers, numbers…we are always focused on driving performance, starting with our monthly goals and down to our daily performance metrics

  2. We are technology recruiting experts

    • We focus ONLY on IT recruiting

    • That means we say no to admin/clerical, light industrial in order to truly be experts in our field

    • Technology is an ever-evolving landscape, so we have regular continuing education and training on new technology trends

    • 8 week intensive training program specifically focused on IT (some competitors try to cram it into 2)

  3. We hire the best and are the premium employer of choice

    • We have a multiple step interview process that screens for culture, personality, and drive

    • We hire the best and pay them like it…we on average pay 50% above market for our industry, in addition to aggressive performance-based bonuses

    • We reward performance in the office, and have fun out of it (culture video)

    • Our culture, compensation, and perks results in an annual attrition of under 10% in an industry that can sometimes be over 100% every year (the true cost of attrition)

Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

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