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Press Release - Welcoming Mike Willis as TSN Board Member

Updated: May 29, 2020

TSN was founded to address a large gap in the recruitment outsourcing market - a lack of high-performing, full stack, offshore IT recruiting firms. The IT staffing industry is a $100 billion dollar industry, and firms have been continually faced with both price pressure and talent wars driving down profitability. However, because of our specialization and focus on IT, TSN has been able to address these competitive pain points by working as a trusted client partner to drive starts and bottom-line GPM, generating previously unheard of ROI for our clients. Our numbers speak for themselves....average of 300% ROI, and 1 start per month per recruiter with an average contractor bill rate of over $40/hr.

In line with that success, TSN is proud to announce the next chapter of growth and welcome Mike Willis to our Board of Directors. Mike brings over 50 years of staffing experience and over 100 M&A transactions, founding several nationwide staffing and recruitment firms with global presences. This includes founding TalentTree, Corestaff, Metamor, and Comsys (the latter two of which resulted in IPO's). Working together with Mike has been invaluable in shaping TSN into what it is today...the clear high-performance leader in offshore recruiting solutions. 


Note from Mike:

I wanted to share with my IT Staffing colleagues of why I decided to become involved with TSN. I recently had a conversation with Diya Obeid (founder of Job Diva), who told me that the vast majority of users on his platform that were showing growth had an offshore strategy. We all know the effects that VMS environments have had in lowering margins and profitability, and the solution to this problem is getting the right technology stack and lowering operating costs through offshoring.

Why TSN.

1. Solely dedicated to IT recruiting.

2. Eight-week training program vs two-weeks with competitors

3. Guaranteed ROI

Be a part of the future,

Mike Willis

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