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Why We Have a Partnership Commitment

Recruiting is a team sport…the recruiting process requires multiple parties, both internal, and external to achieve a successful outcome. On the end client side, we need to deal with the hiring manager, and any other functional managers. Internally, it requires team work between the account manager or business development manager, and potentially the onshore recruiter as well. On top of that, recruiters also improve group performance by referring candidates to other recruiters.

With these team dynamics, adding an offshore component to an already complex team dynamic makes it even more important that your offshore team is working in tandem with your onshore team to drive starts.

Let's look at each of our Partnership Commitment points, and go into more detail about why each one is so important.

Real-time candidate feedback. This is the most important part of the IT staffing firm/RPO partnership, and this alone can make the difference between success and failure. First off, TTS (time to submit) is crucial in the recruiting world, particularly with VMS accounts. Waiting a day to submit a quality candidate drops the probability of that candidate receiving an offer by half! Second, real-time feedback can save our Ninjas from wasted time. For example, if during a job launch call, the hiring manager lists 2 specific criteria that are not on the job req, our Ninja could potentially spend the whole day searching and qualifying candidates that do not meet criteria.

Daily huddle calls between TSN recruiter and client recruiter or account manager. Daily check-ins and real-time communication are crucial to making sure that our Ninjas are aligned with your team. This includes making sure we discuss req priority, dividing tasks, exchanging feedback about candidates, clarifying job requirements, and building a working relationship where both our Ninja and your account manager know each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Quality Requisitions. It is a losing proposition to look at your RPO recruiters as a team to work your second-rate reqs and "difficult" accounts. If your onshore recruiters don't have success with these same reqs, your RPO team will not fare any differently. Our Ninjas are an extension of your team, not the B-team you send in when accounts are not working.

Quantity of requisitions. We can't regularly produce starts with old reqs. For technology recruiting, we're need a minimum of 1 new req per day to be the most effective.

Transparency and access (job boards, ATS, etc). Our Ninjas are an extension of your team, and should be treated as if they are…this includes access to the same tools and resources (job boards, ATS candidate harvesting, etc) that your onshore resources have.

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