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Partnership Commitment

​For more info on why we have a partnership commitment, please read this blog post.

  1. Real-time candidate feedback

    • ​Feedback on candidates within the day, preferably as close to real-time as possible

  2. Daily huddle calls between TSN recruiter and client recruiter or account manager

    • Vital to ensure that our Ninjas and your team are aligned on req priority

    • Make sure that Ninjas fully understand the details of each req and finding the right candidates with the right qualifications

  3. Transparency and access (job boards, ATS, etc)

    • Our Ninjas are an extension of your team, and require the same tools and access as any of your onshore team would

  4. Quality reqs​

    • ​If there are difficulties sourcing candidates for a req with your existing onshore team, the offshore Ninjas will have the same issues

  5. Quantity of reqs

    • Our Ninjas need enough fresh reqs to be able to efficiently recruit. Ideally, that is 3-5 new reqs per week per recrruiter​

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